Welcome to Rutgers Community Programs!

For more than 20 years, Rutgers Community Programs has been a place for families to grow together.  We offer a relaxed, fun environment where children can play, create, express themselves, and explore, and parents can find friendship and resources to guide them through all stages of parenthood.
Our programs are designed to be with you and your family from the very start, with free parenting and education workshops and art classes, all developmentally appropriate for children as they grow from infancy to elementary school-age.  Our classes for preschoolers include Friends2gether for children who are newly or nearly 2 years old, and the On My Own playgroup for 2s and not quite 3s.  Older, independent preschoolers (2.9-4 years) can join our Ready, Set, Go! play and enrichment program, dedicated to growth, discovery, and creativity through a variety of hands-on learning activities. Our high student-instructor ratio creates a nurturing, comfortable environment where we get to know children well and where they feel at home.
Rutgers offers your family a warm, inclusive community.  Our instructors have been at Rutgers for many years, and support each other through team teaching and collaboration.  Our facilities include an art studio, a gym, a green roof, and beautiful classrooms.
Rutgers Community Programs also does outreach to the broader New York City community. Through a partnership with Volunteers of America/Greater New York, children from the Bronx Early Learning Center and the Regent Family Residence come to our facility for art and creative play. We host an art party at the John Dewey High School in Coney Island every December for children who are at risk or have special needs. Our annual fall food drive, kicked off by a children’s concert, collects donations for the Regent and Broadway Food Pantry.
Rutgers Community Programs are offered as a community service by Rutgers Presbyterian Church, an inclusive and diverse congregation at West 73rd Street and Broadway. Classes and activities are nonsectarian, and are open to all.

Come learn, play, and grow with us!


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Jennifer December 2014

Never have I attended a school where all the programs and teachers are of such a high caliber. You’re doing a great job!

 — Tiffany, Mother of Two