Adult Wellness Workshops

FREE STRESS REDUCTION CLINIC with Lynn Crimando on Friday, March 24th 11 am – 1 pm  (5th floor)

Feeling stressed? Did you know …

75% of health care expenditures go for the treatment of chronic diseases that are exacerbated by stress, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and cancer. Besides having a harmful effect on our physiology, living with chronic stress can affect our relationships, our eating and sleeping habits, our ability to relax when we’re not under stress.

In this workshop we’ll explore:

  • simple techniques to help recognize and resist stress triggers
  • gentle movements to release muscular and myofascial stress
  • shut down the fight, flight, or freeze response before it takes hold
  • calm and soothe the nervous system
  • cultivate resilience to recover quickly from stressful events

Wear loose-fitting comfortable clothing. All movements can be done in a chair. No prior movement experience necessary.

Space is limited for this event. Please visit our EVENTBRITE page to register, or contact Jennifer Moore  or 212-877-8227 ext.212